Saturday, June 9, 2007

New blogger.

Ok, today is my first day in the blog world. I am lost!! I pictured a cute banner, post my first comment, down load some pictures......I have no idea where to start. So anyone that comes across my blog and would/could leave some advice.....THANKS!


Allison said...

Welcome to blog-o-land! You have some great creations! Come visit me if you like!

Princess Matilda said...

I love your blog! Your wedding photo - wow. Your wedding must have had a stunning backdrop. I like your cards, and I think the baroque motifs set will be one of my favorites, too. I think with blogging, just making sure you update it as often as possible and putting up different cards and ideas really draw people. The blogs that are most popular seem to be the ones that have all sorts of techniques and cards and information on them. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do well!